Speech Recognition vs touch

With the imminent release of Windows 8, the focus is on touch computing and how it will change the world. Apple have been forerunners with multi-gesture and now it’s seems the world of the PC will soon be catching up. The mouse may be consigned to the museum.
All of this is great – but one commentator wrote off speech recognition as an archaic attempt at computer interfacing. Well – I’m here to tell you he could not have been more wrong. Speech is being developed and continues to make huge strides. It wont be long before certain aspects of computing are given back to us as a speech response and a graphical display, depending on the need.

We already have some of this on phones (iPhone and BB) where we can give verbal commands. and this comes in very useful some times. The point I’m making here is that there plenty of room for a speech interface – they have become better and they will become even better.

On Wednesday IBM showcased the IBM Watson in Louisville, Kentucky. It can play games and solve real-world problems in areas such as Healthcare, Business Intelligence, Life Sciences and a host of other areas.

Photo Credit: IBM

Have a look at the link through to IBM – This is impressive stuff and the takeaway is that it’s pretty premature to write off speech recognition. In fact quite the opposite in my opinion.