Windows 7 Release Candidate

Well here we are on the cusp of the official release of Windows 7. I’ve now been running W7 for quite a few months so I think I can now give a definitive but hopefully objective view on the product.

The RC runs the Ultimate version so there is a fair amount to play with. My first reaction is that it is faster and uses less memory than Vista. I’ve calculated – albeit roughly – that it uses between 10 and 30% less memory than Vista. As a result it is marginally faster. Startup time and auto connection to my wireless network is an order of magnitude faster than Vista.

So my original perceptions were correct on performance. We do have a much better OS than Vista. Over the months I’ve accumulated software as one does 😉 and the performance has slowed marginally as you would expect as I run more services.

On the compatibility side there is nothing on my Lenovo T60 that was not detected, including the fingerprint reader. In fact the fingerprint reader is even better now than the native software that came with Vista.

I’ve had one problem with a game that uses Star Force authentication. Star Force seems to give endless problems to users. I am told that UbiSoft will no longer use it on their products. This is not really a Windows complaint, but more a Star Force complaint. They have released W7 drivers, but they are picked up as “incompatible” and disabled. I run the game on my Vista desktop now without any problems.

So, in conclusion, I would heartily recommend that people on Vista upgrade to W7.
It’s faster, uses less memory, is more compatible and is more stable than Vista.

Windows 8 is rumoured to be coming out in 2012, but from what I have seen so-far it will be more along the lines of evolution not revolution. See for details.