Oscar Pistorius is Guilty, but of what?

That’s right. Oscar Pistorius is guilty of killing Reeva Steenkamp. There can be no dispute on this point. He fired at her and killed her. Whether it was an “accident” (There are no accidents when shooting someone, only negligence) or whether this was a jealous rage – well that’s for the courts to decide.

Frankly – and if he passed his firearm competency he would be aware of this – shooting when you have no idea what the target is or where it might be, is criminal. Literally criminal, not figuratively. In my not-so humble opinion people should be jailed for this.

The law states CLEARLY that you may only fire your weapon to protect your life or the life of someone you are protecting and there must be an attack IN PROGRESS where you fear that you may be killed. There is something called the “reasonable man” test. Would a reasonable man shoot through a closed and locked door in order to protect himself?

Obviously none of those conditions were satisfied in the shooting so I believe (my opinion only – I’m not a lawyer) the very lowest charge – by his own admission – should be culpable homicide. He needs to go to prison and hopefully this will send a message to equally cavalier gun owners that we don’t need them in our community. We need safe, mature and responsible gun owners not idiots like Pistorius. And I’m probably being kind here. Let’s hope he is just an idiot and not a calculating cold blooded murderer.