Well we have (had) high hopes for some sort of meaningful agreement from Copenhagen, but it seems to be fading fast as the usual poilitics plays itself out. SNAFU.

SAP has been a key player in the move to convince companies that it’s in their OWN interest to adopt sustainable practices – now we just have to convince governments! My children display more maturity than some of these guys!


The Climate Change debate

Maybe I’m not as bright as I thought I was. Hey, it could be! I went to far too many parties in my younger years.. but I digress. I was listening to a Climate Change debate on the radio and the usual anti-rhetoric came out. The IPCC is not truly scientific, no real proof, blah blah. Biggest hoax perpetrated etc. I’ve only one question to ask …Why? Why would so many eminent people, much smarter than me be  in on this “hoax”. The only thing I’ve heard to answer this question so far is that it’s a secret government plot to raise taxes. No really. People believe this drivel, same people who believe in creation I suppose.

Let’s – for a moment – assume that it is just one big hoax and man is making no impact on the planet. I know, bit of a stretch, but go with me here. Then I have to say – quite firmly – I don’t care. If there are a bunch of people out there tricking me into having a greener planet, a more sustainable planet, that assumes I am PART of nature and not against it, then I hold them no ill will. I quite happy to go along with being conned into this.

On the other hand, however, I think it’s far more likely – given the greed behind big oil – that the only con happening here is being pushed forward by the anti-climate change bunch. I just don’t find them credible.

A recent study by NASA and others in March  http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/vis/a000000/a003500/a003589/ tells a disturbing tale. But of course they must be in on the hoax too.