2017 – Whats ahead – Executive summary

In years gone by I’ve predicted (successfully) the rise of tablets, SAP HANA uptake and UHD screens amongst other things. However, now I’m going to put a very bold prediction out there. For a long time we’ve seen little in the way of true advancement in computing technology. There have been incremental advances and this has led to such great things as solid state memory and the 5K screens we now see gaining traction.

The next shift though is going to be on two fronts:

  • Quantum computing (although no one fully understands entanglement) 
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence

D-Wave have fully functioning quantum computers http://www.dwavesys.com and the 2x will be the tip of the iceberg. The funny part is that we don’t really know how the darn thing really works.

With Quantum we can start to build super neural nets (Quantum Neural Net). QNN s are the next wave in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Plain old Neural Nets like Google’s Brain have already started to do amazing things like the quantum leap (excuse the dreadful pun) in the functioning of Google Translate.

The merging of these two giant shifts in technology is inevitable. See Google Research for more info.


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