The Question of Tolerance

Tolerance is ingrained into the liberal value system. There seems to be a strange double standard going on with tolerance in western society at the moment. There was widespread condemnation of an elderly white man in the UK saying he would not live next door to Indians because of the constant smell of cooking of curry. I stayed with Indian (from Bangalore) colleagues for a few months and I also grew slightly annoyed by the constant smell of cooking, but because I’m tolerant – I put up with it. They clearly did not like “western” food and told me so. I did move to a hotel because of the level of noise they generated at ridiculous times of the morning (2am). I tried to be tolerant, but I’m pretty sure that would not be tolerated in India either.

The democratic backlash against Donald Trump, however, seems to have shown the true “liberal tolerance”. Apparently it is fine to be tolerant when discussing issues of ethnicity, but not when someone is legally voted in when you have a different standpoint.

Perhaps though, that is too dramatic, so let us re-visit the self segregated towns in the UK. It is my position, that treatment of women as little more than property is intolerable. I cannot and will not abide by Sharia law that runs contrary to my own beliefs and quite frankly the laws of the country. Yet this is tolerated by the liberal west and trumpeted by some as a feather in their cap. Look how tolerant I am to foreign cultures! Diversity works!

Unfortunately this pushes tolerance over to appeasement which leads you down a slippery slope. The British people are famous for appeasement.

Western society has norms, that are fairly well entrenched. In order to present my position more clearly I’ll explore some of them.

Cruelty to animals. Western society has a love of animals, by and large, and we despise cruelty in any form to our pets or any animals. The ones we still eat are killed in the most humane way possible.

Respect for women. We don’t tell women how to dress or wear their hair. What careers they should be allowed to pursue, what education they can have or which clubs they may belong to. Women’s bodies should be respected and they should not be drugged and raped or in any way harmed. This is archaic and wrong. Pretty fundamental stuff I would hope.

Homosexuality. This practice may not be palatable to some conservatives, but it is legal and a person’s choice of partner is for that person. Not for anyone else.

Treatment of Children. The thought that a relative or friend could decide to rape an underage girl (or boy) is pretty damn abhorrent in most peoples books.

Killing people. Yes oddly enough, in Western culture we frown upon such activities. We are not going to stone people, drown people or throw acid in there face because of how they have dressed, spoken or behaved. If they break the law then they will be arrested, tried and imprisoned. We do not expect parents or siblings to commit “honor killings” (an oxymoron if ever I heard one).

Reading these, I think, quite reasonable societal norms as a foundation then, would it surprise you dear reader, to find out that the majority of Somali’s, Syrians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, (to mention a few) do NOT believe in these norms. In fact in many cases the norms are quite the opposite.

Please – don’t take my word for it – do your own research.

I’m not talking full blown Jihadism here. I am talking about the cultural values of the “peaceful” people who hold these as deeply entrenched cultural norms.

However, if, God forbid, you show a lack of tolerance to these sickening acts you are branded a racist.

We must come to the sad conclusion that we are NOT all the same. We have diametrically opposed value systems.


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