Oscar Pistorius Trial

Well it’s back in the news again – the modern day version of the OJ Simpson Trial.

I realise that defence attorneys have a job to do. When the facts seem to be cut-and-dried like they are in this case, their job seems to sow as much confusion as possible.

To my simple mind it’s very black and white. Oscar Pistorius is guilty. Now all the judge in this case needs to ascertain is “of what”. He killed Reeva Steenkamp. No question, no doubt.

If he was shooting in self-defence as his defence claims, he is guilty of extreme recklessness. This is why we preach (gun safety is almost a religion to some of us) “Be sure of your target AND what is beyond it”.

Pistorius did not even have a clue who was behind that door (again only if we believe his story). It could have been the neighbours pet cat! – We’ve been woken up in the middle of the night with a strange cat in the study eating our cat’s food!

So let’s get off the subject of when the security guards were phoned by who and look at the plain old simple facts.

1. OP shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp (fact – not disputed)
2. If we believe his story – firstly I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you – but secondly he is a dangerous maniac with little or no regard for the safety of others – I think they call that a sociopath in Psychological terms – and he MUST be removed from society.
3. If we don’t believe his story – he is a dangerous maniac who kills unarmed women because of an argument when they are cowering and crying in the bathroom behind a locked door. Thats a Psychopath (pretty much the same thing) and he MUST be removed from society.

Even if he denies the other events where he has fired pistols in public he should not be allowed to walk the streets based on the logic above. Let’s face it though – why would his ex-girlfriend and other friends deliberately lie about this – they have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. My opinion – it’s my opinion and last time I looked we still had freedom to express our opinions – is that this man is a narcissistic misogynistic sociopath who has brought the reputation of law abiding, safety conscious gun-owners into question. Hanging would be too good for him.


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