The next Java – Scala

Martin Odersky developed the early Scala (stands for Scalable Language) in 2003. It’s taken a while to gain critical mass – but now that it has, I find it very exciting. In a nutshell this is taking Java back to it’s roots, trying to rid Java of the complexities it has gathered along the way (Has it been 16 years already!).

So what’s so exciting about Scala (pronounced Scar-la not scay-la)?

First of all – and being an object fan I love this – EVERYTHING is an object. Yes even primitive data types are now objects. So you can type the following in Scala and it will work:


The integer is converted to an object in the bytecode! Cool.

Secondly – it generates Java Bytecode, which means it runs on any JVM.

Number Three – No Static methods, they are replaced by Singleton classes which are really easy to instantiate using the object statement.

Number Four – XML is a breeze with Scala, it makes it really really easy to read and drill down into XML streams

I’ll do a more in depth blog on it once I’ve had a chance to code up some examples. Check out in the meanwhile to get to grips with it.



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